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The Dory: Kennebunkport's Best Snack Bar Experience

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Nestled in the heart of Kennebunkport, overshadowed perhaps by its more renowned dining locales, is The Dory – a snack bar experience unlike any other at The Lodge on the Cove. Touting an illustrious mix of casual fare and inventive cocktails, The Dory offers an ambiance where friends and family converge to create lasting memories. Here, every season brings a new reason to visit, but the warmth of local hospitality never changes. With its unique positioning by a heated pool, this spot caters not only to those with a penchant for culinary delight but also to those seeking relaxation and entertainment in one of Maine’s most picturesque settings.

As we dive into the essence of The Dory, this article will explore the various facets that make it Kennebunkport's best snack bar experience. From the eclectic menu that promises to delight children and adults alike with local flavors and seasonal specialties, to the vibrant atmosphere filled with activities and entertainment for everyone, The Dory stands out as a beacon of leisure and gastronomy. Planning your visit becomes an easy venture with our insights on what to expect, ensuring that The Dory at The Lodge on the Cove becomes a must-visit destination for your Kennebunkport itinerary.

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Discovering The Dory: Kennebunkport's Hidden Gem

Location and Ambiance

Minutes away from Dock Square, The Dory at The Lodge on the Cove offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of Kennebunkport's main port. Nestled in a picturesque coveside setting, this hidden gem provides a laid-back atmosphere, ideal for relaxing with family and friends. The cozy, intimate ambiance, complemented by the warmth of a heated pool, makes it a perfect spot for both leisure and dining.

Seasonal Availability

The Dory welcomes guests from May to October, aligning perfectly with Kennebunkport’s vibrant summer and fall seasons. During these months, visitors can enjoy not only the stunning coastal views but also a menu rich with locally sourced seafood and New England-inspired cuisine. This seasonal operation ensures each visit is met with the freshest experiences and flavors, celebrating the region's maritime heritage and culinary traditions.

A Dive into the Menu: What Makes The Dory Stand Out

Not to be missed, the homemade milkshakes and signature cocktails offer a sweet retreat or a sophisticated sip. These beverages are crafted with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Check the Menu at The Dory here!

For families, The Dory ensures everyone finds something to love. The kids' menu features classic dishes and healthier options, while adults enjoy a diverse selection of sophisticated dishes and drinks. This thoughtful curation of the menu highlights The Dory's commitment to providing a standout dining experience for all guests.

The Vibrant Atmosphere: Activities and Entertainment

At The Dory, the vibrant atmosphere is perfect for both relaxation and entertainment. Daily Happy Hour invites adults to enjoy creative cocktails while soaking up live local music, making it a prime spot for unwinding and socializing. For families, the fun extends beyond dining with a variety of outdoor games. Children and adults alike can engage in ping pong and lawn games, enhancing the leisurely experience. Additionally, the coveside setting of The Dory, away from the hustle and bustle, ensures a serene backdrop for these activities, complemented by the warmth of a nearby heated pool, promising a memorable visit for all.

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Planning Your Visit to The Dory

Best Times to Visit

Visiting The Dory during spring and fall is ideal, offering milder temperatures and fewer crowds. Summer weekends can be busy, so planning ahead is advisable. Winter provides a serene atmosphere, although some attractions may have limited availability.

Tips for an Enjoyable Experience

To maximize enjoyment at The Dory, wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers due to unpredictable weather. Bring snacks and water, especially when exploring remote areas. Research activities and attractions beforehand and plan your itinerary to include a dip in the heated pool. Visit during weekdays or off-peak days to avoid crowds, ensuring a relaxed experience at this popular Kennebunkport destination.


Understanding the essence of The Dory at The Lodge on the Cove, it becomes evident that this Kennebunkport gem offers more than just a dining experience; it fosters a sense of community and relaxation that resonates with every visitor. The picturesque setting by the heated pool, combined with the diverse, thoughtful menu options, caters to a wide audience, promising an inclusive atmosphere where every guest finds something to relish. From the build-your-own burger station and the signature inventive cocktails to the serene poolside ambiance, The Dory encapsulates the spirit of Kennebunkport's leisure and culinary excellence.

Reflecting upon the significant aspects covered, The Dory not only stands out for its gastronomic creativity but also as a haven of relaxation against the beautiful backdrop of Kennebunkport. The seasonal operation, aligning with the best of Maine's weather, ensures that every visit is fresh and filled with the possibility of new memories. As The Dory continues to serve as a beacon of hospitality and joy, it underlines the importance of such spaces in enriching our travel experiences, urging us to embrace local flavors and leisure in a setting that feels like a home away from home.

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